How to learn Mandarin Chinese

Welcome to our Chinese learning column: How to learn Mandarin Chinese

With the rising of Chinese hot, more and more people want to learn Chinese, all kinds of ways to learn Chinese language tips is also emerge in endlessly, all kinds of Chinese language school is constantly emerging, so how to learn Mandarin Chinese?

Chinese is the hardest thing to learn a language in the world, and how to learn Mandarin Chinese, how to select courses, for a do not know anything about Chinese people, is a very difficult thing, whether it is a choice or decision, is not a easy thing. But as a language that has evolved independently for thousands of years, Chinese has a different pronunciation and spelling than other ethnic languages.

How to learn Mandarin Chinese well

First, after learning Hanyu Pinyin course, then you can choose some basic daily topics to learn, such as numbers, time, date, self-introduction, snacks, direction, body parts, weather movements, can be carried out according to their own requirements.

How to learn Mandarin Chinese well

Really want to learn Chinese is not people imagination of so difficult, learning Chinese just looking for a shortcut is learn bad, Chinese grammar and structure are linked to other languages, there is a big difference between learning Chinese ways is also vary from person to person, a kind of method may apply to some people, others do not apply, so don’t see someone with what method to learn, as a useful they blindly copy, too.

For friends who have a weak foundation or weak foundation in Chinese, learning Chinese requires a certain way and a language environment.

The best language environment for learning Chinese is none other than Beijing, the capital of China. It is the core base for promoting Putonghua and the benchmark for studying Putonghua. It is also the center of international political and cultural exchanges, where it can not only be easily integrated into the local language Environment, to learn what they have learned and use, to consolidate, not because of cultural differences have too much gap.

Is it difficult to learn Mandarin Chinese

一、Is it difficult to learn Mandarin Chinese?

Can say it’s hard to, also can saying is easy, because just started to learn mandarin is a blank sheet of paper to set up a system of learning Chinese for her, you need to learn Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, Chinese characters, how to make oneself interest, grammar on the order of, the choice of content, and what materials to use in general to choose their own way.

Generally speaking, primary education is a stylized thing, like McDonald’s hamburger, do not really know how to cook, but the taste is still good.

The characteristics of the primary population

二、The characteristics of the primary population

Several types of people:

1.Working in China

2.A housewife

3.A friend who travels to China

4.Children are required by their parents

Common characteristics:

1.The learning motivation is not very strong, many is to learn Chinese as entertainment.

2.Generally do not preview, review.

3.Just want to learn some practical, after learning can say is the best.

4.If you’re not interested, you don’t learn.

So the principle of learning Chinese for beginners is

1.With practicality as the main

2.Focus on pronunciation and speaking

3.Laying the basic grammatical system, but not focusing too deeply on grammar

4.Chinese characters are not as the focus, at most interest teaching

5.Starting from the student’s actual life

6.Teaching standard language, colloquial language, idiom, xiyu, ancient Chinese, the written language is as far as possible, but also can learn some popular sayings, adjust their mood

7.Pay attention to some common Chinese problems

Zero-based learning how to learn Mandarin Chinese?

三、Zero-based learning how to learn Mandarin Chinese?

General overview:

1.Hanyu Pinyin, very important, the basis must be played well, otherwise the pinyin is not good will make people very discouraged.

2.Mandarin text, practical first.

3.Chinese grammar, pay attention to practice repeatedly, also must combine the scene to learn.

4.Chinese characters, simple to learn on the line, not the point, if you are not interested, or really learn will not give up temporarily.

【1-60 hours to learn】:

Divided by content:

1.Be a guest, learn how to say hello, be polite, use the language, and ask questions about the food.

2.Numbers, quantifiers, words, phone numbers

3.Meet friends, introduce yourself, family members, name, country, occupation, phone

4.Taxi, azimuth noun

5.Today, tomorrow, some place nouns

6.What to do, some common verbs

7.Time means, diary My day

8.Week, date

9.Money, shopping, markets, supermarkets, fruits, vegetables, daily necessities, shopping malls, clothes pants shoes

10.Go to restaurants, restaurants, cafes, bars.

11.Call a date, call to cancel the appointment, call the hotel, and tell the location of your home.

12.Introduce your room, front and back.

13.The way of transportation, time period representation method.

14.Talk about the weather

According to Chinese grammar points:

1.How to say hello to guest, learning Chinese, polite language, please use, and use this to ask questions about food. – the main verb-object structure, the adjective predicate, the usage of “mang”, the positive and negative questions, the usage, the simple adverbs

2.Numbers, quantifiers, words, phone numbers – the use of quantifiers, the number of words, words

3.Meet friends, introduce yourself, family members, names, country, occupation, phone – “de” usage

4.Taxi, position noun–“na”

5.Today Tomorrow Yesterday, some place nouns – the state of affairs, the future in the past, the place of time nouns

6.What to do, some common verbs

7.Time representation

8.Week, date

9.Money, shopping, markets, supermarkets, fruits, vegetables, everyday necessities, shopping malls, clothes Pants Shoes – verb overlap, “neng” “ke yi” Imperative

10.To the restaurant industry, restaurants, cafes, bars

11.Call a date, call to cancel the appointment, call the hotel, and tell the location of your home.

12.Introduce your own room, around–space nouns, existential sentences, can also be introduced into the sentence

13.How do you use the means of transportation, the time period means the method — what is the complement, how, the frequency adverb?

14.Talk about the weather

The above is about 50 to 60 hours of primary training.:

In general, the above including the most common life scenes, if you want to learn the next 50 to 60 hours, content is same, but the discussion deepened a lot, vocabulary, grammatical difficulty also increased.

【61-120 hours to learn】:

Divided by content:

1.Access and give away people, to accurately say the date and time, and make itinerary.

2.Go to the restaurant to eat, to discuss what to go to the restaurant, why, what kind of food, why.

3.The weather, to compare their own country and China’s weather, and in a particular weather often do.

4.Shopping, talk about quality, what to buy, price cuts.

5.Interests, like what, like, how to play? Praise others.

6.Travel, where to travel, make itinerary, how to buy tickets.

7.See a doctor, various parts of the body, describe the appearance.


9.Do all kinds of cards, with all kinds of cards.

10.Festivals, national holidays, Chinese festivals.

Grammar points: This part because many of the textbooks are not the same, generally can not be completely corresponding, but in general should say it


2.”le” means change and completion

3.The degree of complement

4.Time complement, momentum complement.


6.jiu and cai


8.Structural auxiliary word “di”

9.Adjectives overlap

10.Result Complement

11.Trend complement

12.And the statement

13.May complement

14.Compare sentences

15.”ba” word + to give in

16.In existential sentences

17.”Bei” sentence

In fact, these have finished the common grammar, and then is the logical relationship between related words, commonly used words, written language, special sentence.

Note that the first thing you need to do when you get to the second 50-60 hour book is to figure out the syntax, not only to understand the grammar, but also how to apply it.

How to learn Elementary Chinese?

四、How to learn Elementary Chinese?

一、study method:

Repeat – Q & A – Substitution – Performance

The text into a module, with a module to explain the grammar and sentence patterns, with repeated repetitive mechanical exercises to master themselves, the formation of conditioned reflex.

Get a module, the next one, but when learning and the last module together, and finally form a complete dialogue, giving practical significance.

Then enter the real performance stage, you can change the language conditions, so that they have different views of different situations.

二、Learning to prepare:

Example: Each grammar point to explain at least 3 cases to pave the way, need to make great efforts.

Let students make language materials, this should also be prepared, in general, is to give students a few key words, a scene, the point of language used to say this sentence.

三、Classroom demonstration:

1.Take a taxi

2.buying clothes

四、Several student coping methods:

1.Work in China – speak more about the Chinese language you should use in your office.

2.Housewife – Speak with driver, aunt exchange

3.To travel – introduce tourist attractions

4.Children are required by their parents – develop children’s interest


1.Grammar explain the key not to why and why, focus on how to use, and repeated practice.

2.If you want to talk about Chinese culture, you should not study any Confucius or mencius, and begin to learn “eat, drink, play, marry and marry” and learn feng shui.

五、Chinese learning resources recommended

1.What is Chinese grammar

2.Hanyu Pinyin online learning alphabet

3.The phonetic tone of Chinese Pinyin tone

4.China Travel Daily Glossary

5.Chinese oral English practice

6.Reading Chinese Learning method

7.Foreigners learn Chinese textbooks

8.Learn 100 Chinese characters in Chinese

9.How to teach foreigners to learn Chinese

10.How to get a mandarin certificate?

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