The correct way to write Chinese pinyin

When studying Hanyu Pinyin, we found that there are many similarities between Hanyu Pinyin and English, so do we really understand the formal writing of Hanyu Pinyin? The following for everyone to organize the Chinese phonetic alphabet formal writing, hoping to help everyone!

The correct way to write Chinese pinyin

Hanyu Pinyin writing format (four-line three-grid writing model) the correct writingformat of pinyin

1.First of all, it is necessary to correctly understand pinyin: upper, middle and lower.

2.Secondly, it is necessary to make sure that some pinyin is written in which grid, which is a few squares.

A’s writing: a occupies the lattice, first writes the left semicircle, then writes the vertical right corner. The writing of the Manchu o: In the middle, from the top left to write, a pen written, occupy the writing of E: E also accounted for in the middle of the grid, first in the center to write horizontal, and then connected to write a semicircle, a pen written. Read four tones while writing.

一、The stroke direction is wrong, the stroke direction is wrong, mainly refers to the whole circle stroke and the semicircle stroke brushwork direction is wrong.

Beginners Pinyin, some habits will be the whole round strokes, clockwise direction, from top to right lower brushwork, such as “O↘”; some habits will be full circle or semicircle strokes, from the bottom left or right upper brushwork, such as “↖c, O↗.” The correct writing of the whole circle strokes, should be written from above, to the lower left Brushwork, a pen written, such as “↙o.” The correct writing of a semicircle stroke, whether it is a left semicircle, or the right semicircle, should be written from above, left semicircle from the upper left to the homeopathy brushwork, right semicircle from top to bottom right homeopathy brushwork, a pen to write, such as “P” in “↘” and “Q” in the “↙”. Here, incidentally, the stroke direction of the yangping tone signature.

Beginners are easily affected by the “pie” stroke of Chinese characters. When writing the tone of the yangping tone, the pen is moved from the right to the left. It is wrong to write the pen so that the correct way to write it is to move the pen from the bottom left to the right, so that the pen can indicate the reading path of the adjustment.

二、Written in the wrong order to write “i、j、ü” these letters, some beginners like to write the above “point”, mainly due to the strokes of Chinese character “from top to bottom” rule.

The dots in these letters should be the last to be written. Written “f and t” two letters, some beginners used to write “horizontal” first, which is mainly due to the impact of Chinese characters strokes first “. The horizontal cross between the two letters should in fact be the last to be written.

Writing the letter “x“, some people used to write the right oblique first, then left oblique, which is not right. Writing “x” should be written left oblique first, right oblique written after vertical, because it can be written in order to facilitate writing behind x letters.

三、The number of strokes wrong stroke the wrong number, including more strokes and less strokes two cases.

For example, the letter “K” should be two strokes, and some people wrote it three pens. This is due to the use of which should be a pen “” “strokes, disconnected to write two paintings and caused. Another example is “W” should be two strokes, but someone has written it in four strokes. This is because it should be a stroke of “∨” strokes, brushwork on the way by forcibly changing the direction of writing, will be the corner from left to right on the homeopathy brushwork, artificially changed from the right up to the left down brushwork, so that the homeopathy a painting into a contrarian two strokes. “A, B, D, G, N, P, Q, U” These eight letters, are two strokes, beginners may be written a pen. This small strokes of error correction, such as the combination of correcting errors in the direction of brushwork, it is easy to receive the desired results.

四、 the wrong letter position This error refers to lowercase Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, the letter accounted for the wrong four-line location. For example, the letters “i and j” on the point, should be written in the second line, some people have written in the second line.

The letters “p and q” should be in the middle, but some people write them in the middle. Correcting this error requires repeated emphasis on the standard position of the letter. There should be 13 characters in Chinese phonetic alphabet. They are a, c, e, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x and z. There should be eight of them. They are b, d, f, h, I, k, l and t. There should be four of middle case, they are ɡ, p, q, and y; It’s only 1 in the upper middle, and it’s j.

五、 the letter form is wrong, the main manifestation is two kinds of situation.

One is mixed case, such as “y” written “Y” or “Y” written as “y”, “k” written as “K” or “K” written as “k”. This mix, is similar to the capital and small form, not easy to distinguish caused. Teaching can be compared through the case of the lower case, by strengthening the writing and training to overcome it. The other is printed and handwritten mixed, such as “f” written as “”. This kind of mistake is mainly caused by the misleading teachers’ writing on the blackboard. Understand the four-line grid: The four-line grid consists of four parallel lines, the first line and the second line in the middle of the grid, the second line and the third line in the middle of the grid, the third line and the fourth line in the middle said the next grid. Pinyin letters written in different locations.

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