How to learn pinyin


The origin of Chinese characters is long and profound. The key to truly guide and understand Chinese characters is Hanyu Pinyin. Only by mastering Hanyu Pinyin, with this key, can we open the broad Chinese character gate.

The new (curriculum standard) offers a teaching requirement for Chinese pinyin: helping to read, read and learn mandarin. Able to read syllables accurately and skillfully. It is possible to make a straight – call syllable. The demand for Chinese pinyin has been improved step by step, which shows that it is extremely important to use pinyin in primary school.

一、To learn in kind Pinyin

In-kind, that is, the real thing that is actually applied. Students from the understanding of the real thing to comprehend pinyin reading, writing, discomfort for the double benefit. For example, let’s know what we are wearing when we begin our study. Then look at the look of our own clothes and then describe what it is: some say the buttons, the buttons represent i That point, the distance between the button and the button represents that vertical, and the pronunciation is also read “clothing”; there is the drawing clothing, long drawing is “|” that is “˙” The students learned I also knows different clothes. The teacher then dialed the four tones of learning i at a suitable time. Is it not done twice? Not only understand the real thing – clothes, but also learned the pinyin, pinyin teaching in the understanding, with examples of physical learning pinyin there are many. Such as school ɑ, о, е, ü and so on.

二、Use a card to recognize pinyin

Card is a commonly used method of pinyin, and the card is also very flexible. Teachers can make, students make, teachers and students can also cooperation, life and death cooperation will do. During the process of making cards, teachers taught students how to learn Pinyin, and also let students learn how to learn Pinyin. For example, after learning 6 single vowels, let the students go home to make cards, and they can also make it together with several students. In this way, in the production process, not only reviewed six single vowels a, o, e, i, u, u, letting students master the wording, reading, but also allow students to have a sense of cooperation, but also trained students Hands-on brain skills and card skills.

三、Use vivid illustrations to read pinyin

(Chinese curriculum standards) pointed out that: teaching materials should conform to the characteristics of students ‘ physical and mental development, adapt to the level of students ‘ understanding, close contact with students ‘ experience world and imagine the world, help arouse students ‘ interest in learning and innovative spirit. New human teaching version of the experimental materials, the version of novel, Bright colors, fresh. Therefore, students take the textbook, they feel fondle admiringly, they like beautiful pictures, illustrations. In the first lesson of pinyin a、 o、 e lesson i、u、ü, each created a scene map, and each picture is a vivid story, in these vivid pictures will send a、o、e、i、u、ü sound. In this way, to combine abstract phonetic with vivid and concrete storyline is interesting, easy to learn, not boring, not monotonous.

四、Use children’s songs to learn Pinyin

New human teaching version of the experimental textbooks, interspersed with a lot of children’s songs to learn pinyin. This is also adapted to the characteristics of children, children can easily in catchy songs in the song to produce a strong interest. In these beautiful rhymes, students learn to feel particularly relaxed. Can learn the nursery rhymes, in the nursery rhymes to understand the Pinyin reading method, the writing, but also can learn pinyin reading method, writing, and then in the nursery rhyme consolidation. For example, when teaching J, q, X and u are spelled, you can use the courtesy of U to learn their spelling. such as: small U is a good child, sensible obedient polite, see friends J, Q, x, Busy picking hats and hand laugh. In this way in the nursery rhymes learned knowledge, mastered the spelling method and spell method. They are together without the two points (that is, the little hat), but also to treat people with polite humanities education.

五、Master pinyin in the game

In the course of teaching, we can use various forms of games to create a pleasant learning atmosphere for students, so that students can learn pinyin and pinyin in the game. If the drum is spread, the card is played with the drum, and the card is played, the drum is stopped, and the person will read it, read it wrong, and let the tutor teach him. He is right, let him teach everybody, let everybody follow the society, everybody also will raise small hand to say: “hi, hi, you are really good!”

Find friends as in the teaching of the initials and finals spell, can put the initials and finals were written on the card, let the student role, singing songs (a friend), lets the student free combination, to see who is looking for quick and good, can read and accurately again ring. In addition, there are a lot of games, pick the stars (apple), drive train, with nursery rhymes guess syllable or sound, vowel, see pinyin baby home, for the game, and so on can attract students’ interests. Under the influence of a lively interest in learning, students actively perceive things, active thinking, rich imagination, in high spirits, thus to master the pinyin in the game, use the pinyin.

六、Use Chinese characters to learn Pinyin

Everyone knows that only by learning pinyin can we learn Chinese characters. How can you use Chinese characters to learn pinyin? It also has to integrate, trust and learn from each other. In the eyes of students, most of the contact in life is Chinese characters. People talking, animal voices, cars and all kinds of things. Used in daily life to hear, see to learn pinyin, students can learn more quickly, remember well, can be achieved by “society” to “learn”, can consciously applied the method of have cleverly learning pinyin. If you study u, you will hear people say that you eat fish, you think of fish in the river, and you spit bubbles. In this way, the students can see both the fish and the fish, and listen to the sound of “eating fish”. With the sound and the combination of the image, it is easy to learn.

七、Use body language to learn pinyin

Although this method is not commonly used, but there are many places that can be used, but also allows students to double the memory, so that life is unforgettable. For example, studying classes b and d and comparing classes with p and q allows students to draw their thumbs and gestures in different directions to find similarities of b, d, p, q with their small fists Department, and the difference. You can also put the same table and two children on stage to perform the body game: “do telescope game”, both hands thumbs and index finger bent closer, the other san fingers straight, and then both hands thumbs and index finger against each other, put Looking out at the edge of the eyes, his mouth read: bbb, ddd, look left bbb, look at the right eye ddd, hope will mind. In comparing p and q, let the two students meet, bow to each other, with a certain music, while singing: p ah p ah, polite, q ah q ah polite. Noodles met nodded, nodded, happily. In addition to this, in fact, there are many, such as: сm n u and so on. These can be used anytime, anywhere, no time, place restrictions, not difficult, everyone can be delightfully, with passion and interest to do, this is the real school music, music school ah.

Teaching non-definite law, only fully, flexible, appropriate use of pinyin to learn these golden ideas, and really learn Chinese pinyin, so as to master the golden key in order to achieve a multiplier effect, a down-to-earth Pinyin teaching into a Both practical and new realm.

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