What do you need to do to learn mandarin?

In interpersonal communication, if you speak fluent mandarin, it will not only be twice as effective, but also convenient for communication. How to learn mandarin well?

Need information

Chinese phonetic alphabet, mandarin book.

What do you need to do to learn mandarin?

1. Breath control training

Chest and abdomen combined breathing method, (1) slow sucking slow breath (2) fast inhale slowly, daily standing practice, the voice is rich in elasticity, durable, will have a continuous supply of vocal cord air supply.

2.Start from scratch

You can borrow a first-grade Chinese book, start with the pronunciation of letters, practice carefully, and read every letter.

3. The difference between anterior nasal and posterior nasal sounds, tongue and tongue. To distinguish the pronunciation of z zh c ch s sh r in ing en eng on ong

4.Overcome psychological barriers

Mandarin is not difficult to learn, and it is difficult to adjust and improve the mental state. Many students are afraid of being ugly when they learn mandarin, or fear the difficulties of long hours of training, which often slow progress. In response to this situation, we need to adjust our mental state in a timely manner, let go of psychological baggage, and speak boldly.

5.Speak tongue twisters

Careful practice of tongue twisters can make the mind more flexible, easy to use, articulate and articulate, and have a great effect on improving mandarin.

6.Find a good friend in putonghua and ask him to correct himself

Matters needing attention

Dare to speak

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