What is the object


What is the object

Object, also known as the word, refers to the recipient of an action (verb). Object is divided into direct object and indirect object two categories, of which the direct object refers to the direct action of the object, indirect objects that indirect action, but affected by the action object. In general, there must be at least one object behind the transitive verb, while the object is usually a direct object, while some transitive verbs require two objects, then the two objects are usually one direct object and the other indirect object.

modern Chinese

The object is often the subject of action and is always behind the verb.

Can be nouns, pronouns, nouns, nominal adjectives, infinitives, nouns, object clause and so on.

1, nominal object. E.g:

I give you two roses, give you purple, and give her pink.

2, predicate sex object. E.g:

The most effective defense is offensive. (Verb as object)

Who says women are not as good as men?

Morning bed, we found the wind stopped, the waves are quiet. (Complex sentence form as object)

Object-specific exercises

(A) fill in the appropriate object






(B) conjunctions into sentences

1.买了 铅笔 一支 商店 在我


2.晚上 电影票 我 的 买 是


3.什么 在 讨论 你们


4.的 一百多元 卖了 我 旧自行车


5.告诉 一个 刚才 消息 小李 我 好


(C) statement to determine the correct











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