How to learn modern Chinese?

Modern Chinese is a compulsory course in the Chinese department of the university. It is usually taught in two semesters, and it is a difficult subject in the specialized courses of the department of literature. In the early stage, I mainly focus on pronunciation, writing and vocabulary, and later learning is the key point. If I am not careful, I will fail. These include words, phrases, sentences, and central analysis. Today I want to tell you how to learn the subject.

How to learn modern Chinese?

1. the concept of grammar

The main focus of modern Chinese learning is grammar, of course, mainly Chinese grammar, English grammar also need to be compared. There are two concepts in modern Chinese grammar. The general grammatical concept is the pragmatic meaning of language. The narrow concept of grammar is the language use of Chinese. Learning modern Chinese requires a clear understanding of the nature and content of the subject. What it teaches is that although we all know it, it does not have the grammatical knowledge of systematic theory.

2. Division of parts of speech

This is part of the final exam, which counts as the basic knowledge of modern Chinese. I want to know the division of the notional word and the function words, as well as the grammatical features of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, auxiliary particles, etc. The main way to study is to give you a passage, the classification of their own, mainly divided. The study of speech must make great efforts to take notes, because there are many grammatical features and characteristics that need to be recited.

3. Learning Phrases

This is the study focus of modern Chinese, because it is related to another key center analysis method, and the two knowledge points are often related to the examination. Especially to the examination of different phrases, such as subject-predicate phrases, the phrases, etc., which is easily confused with a joint phrases and phrases, it is important to distinguish, in particular, appositive phrase is different, the same thing, and joint phrases are the same word, different things. Concrete also needs to combine the phrase character analysis.

4. Central Analytical method

The central analytic method is also called analytic hierarchy process, or frame structure analysis method. Test type to give you a sentence, the requirements according to different phrase types, the specific steps are from left to right, from large to small, divided by layer. The study of central analytic method has no short cut except for a lot of questions.

5. Single complex sentence

The main content of modern Chinese is words, phrases, sentences. And the sentence is the most important, mainly in the long sentence of the subject division, divided into the first and second and multi-level division, then different phrases have different basis. But the emphasis is still on the distinction between simple sentences.

6. Modification of the sentence

At first glance may have a lot of people would think this section is very easy, but in fact, pragmatically study is not simple, because it requires us to not only modify correct, and want to point out where is wrong. , of course, there are simple pragmatically modification, such as improper collocation, dark in the subject, there is also a part of speech errors, the best way is in the modified pragmatically from of the subject-predicate sentence pattern to analyze the sentence structure is correct.

Matters needing attention

Practice and study, there is no best way to learn Chinese.

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