How to obtain a Putonghua certificate?

Now many people want to be engaged in the profession of teachers, and when the premise of the teacher is through Putonghua proficiency test, to obtain a Putonghua certificate. Again to the two-year Putonghua test, let me tell you how to obtain a Putonghua certificate ~

How to obtain a Putonghua certificate?

1. Now the test of putonghua is carried out on the computer, so it is sure to use the computer.

2, the day of the examination you can go to the examination room early, because if you go early, the teacher will give you a seat, you can finish early (anyway, our school is such a drop ~) before the test, you will go to a classroom to wait for the test, each of the seats have a piece of paper, which is basically your exam content, At this time you can take out the mobile phone to search for some of the knowledge you need, of course, into the room will have to turn off the machine!

3, enter the computer room, the first Test sound, because the volume will affect the radio, and then affect the test results, if the test fails to wait for the teacher to arrange a new exam.

4, the following into the formal examination of the link, divided into four parts. The first part is to read the monosyllabic word 100, limited to 3 minutes. Objective to investigate the pronunciation of Mandarin initials, vowels and pinyin tones of the candidates.

5, the second part is to read the two-syllable words 50, limited to 3 minutes. The purpose is to test the vocal, rhyme, tune pronunciation, but also to examine Shang modulation, retroflex rhyme and the pronunciation of the tone.

6, the third part is 400 words read aloud, limited to 4 minutes. The aim is to examine the ability of candidates to read aloud written materials in Mandarin, and to focus on pronunciation and intonation.

7, the fourth part is free to play: Speak, the time is not less than 3 minutes. The purpose of this study is to examine the standard of the candidates who speak Putonghua without words. After the final part of the exam, the exam is over. Wait a while to get a Putonghua certificate ~


Do not speed too fast, too fast, the microphone record is not clear, affect the results.

When the last free play, it is best not to have “er, ah, that” these words, it will affect the results.

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