How to face the mandarin test easily?


A lot of people in the process of the test of putonghua proficiency test, because of the poor mental state, can not play their own standard of putonghua, leaving many regrets. For example: read the words and misread the words that are already familiar; Stuttering, repetition and omission in reading articles; There is no train of thought in the speech, think a sentence, say to stop, always also be not enough “long three minutes”. Therefore, how to adjust the state of mind, easy to take the examination, becomes the examinee must face a difficult problem. The author provides some simple and practical methods to discuss with you and hope to help overcome this problem.

First, the earnest preparation

The basic reason for the stress of the examinees is that the preparation is not sufficient and the psychology is not sufficient. The only way to overcome this mental state is to focus on your putonghua and take advantage of every opportunity to learn mandarin. With sufficient strength, confidence is there, tension is naturally eliminated.

Second, Adjust the atmosphere and take the exam easily

The specific approach is:

1, to find a chance to understand the whole process of Putonghua proficiency test, make the appropriate preparations; do not because of a link and the expected situation is inconsistent to make their own confused when confused.

2, with a calm attitude to the subject of the lottery, do not have to take chances, that pumping the sign they want will be extraordinary play. In fact, the difficulty of each sign of the difference is not large, the key is to prepare a comprehensive, well-prepared.

3, after entering the test room to find a chance and testers say a few words, reasonable and justified “sets of near.” Relaxing yourself and adjusting the atmosphere so that the test is conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere is something that both the tester and the test taker are happy to do.

4, the test center devoted himself, do not stare at the testers of the old written – testers pen look, you are nervous, why torture yourself so. Of course, when you are not allowed to take a few words, it is permissible to look at the testers’ reflections and correct them in time Do not have to be so.

5, finished measuring the left test room, with the testers say “thank you”, and then calmly from the examination room. What should be done, what can be regrettable?

Third, the use of rules to reduce errors

1. When you read a word, if you find that you misread it, don’t give it up easily. You can correct it by rule. When you read a double word, if there is one word you don’t know, don’t read the whole word. Each syllable of the two-tone word is scored independently, and you can get one word for each word.

Half a point.

2. When you read an article, you will find that a word is misread or missed.

3. Talk about things you are familiar with and don’t have to try to find out whether the sentences are beautiful or not. Don’t look at your watch all the time. Worry about three minutes.

In the whole test, each test content has corresponding test rules, and the examinees should fully grasp these rules before testing to avoid unnecessary mistakes. The proportion of reading and speaking is larger, which is also an easy test for people to lose points. In future discussions, these two items will be the main topics.

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