Is mandarin equal to Beijing dialect?

Some people think that mandarin is Beijing dialect, such as “does she speak mandarin“, also can say “she would say Beijing dialect”, that is to Beijing dialect with mandarin as a thing, this is the wrong understanding.

In fact, strictly speaking, “Putonghua” does not mean “Beijing dialect”.

The comic master Hou Baolin vividly pointed out the difference between Putonghua and Beijing dialect in this comic dialog (Putonghua and dialect). Mandarin is a common language of the Han nationality, while Beijing dialect is just one of many dialects. Mandarin was developed on the basis of Beijing dialect and rose to a higher level after becoming a national common language. Putonghua is defined as “the standard pronunciation of Beijing speech to the North dialect as the basic dialect, a model of modern vernacular writings as a grammatical norms.” Generally speaking, this definition is to regulate Putonghua from three aspects: voice, vocabulary and grammar. Putonghua “Beijing Voice as Standard Voice” refers to the standard pronunciation of Beijing phonetic system, ie the initials, vowels and tone systems of Beijing dialect, not the native dialects of Peking dialect; meanwhile, the Putonghua vocabulary does not include Peking dialect Some of the local dialect.

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