Teach old people the skills of learning Chinese

It is believed that every Chinese teacher will encounter such a group in teaching, which is the elderly who learn Chinese. This group has its own characteristics, most of them don’t need to test, just out of interest, or the love of Chinese culture, their initiative is strong, but often not confident about their abilities, sometimes the elderly people’s self-esteem, easy to put does not open, they experience at the same time, always like to ask some deep cultural problems, sometimes to the enthusiasm, still have to test you, embarrass you a little.

First of all, the most important thing to teach the elderly to learn Chinese is to take into account their self-esteem, to teach slowly, more patience, after all, they have less memory and reaction speed than young people, although this is true, but we have to do is not to let them feel that this is a fact.

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Second, the ordinary learning tasks we can reduce the difficulty, can read as far as possible do not ask for the back, can fight to try not to write, as they are a little small progress, they are particularly concerned about them and praise them, This is very important for maintaining the confidence of the elderly in learning Chinese.

Thirdly, many elderly people learn Chinese because they want to understand Chinese culture. Then we will prepare more teaching plans for Chinese culture, or many people specialize in some aspects, such as studying Wushu, traditional Chinese painting, history, Tang poetry and so on, then we have to prepare the relevant information and learn with them, in short, let them have the greatest achievement, which is to encourage them to continue learning. Sometimes the market teaching materials may not be able to fully meet the learning needs of older students, teachers in accordance with the Chinese language level of older students and motivation to learn to arrange their own textbooks, pay attention to practicality.

Finally, one-on-one courses can be flexibly adjusted according to the characteristics of the elderly, but there are more restrictions on class classes. Teachers must take everyone’s feelings into consideration when going to work and class. The young students Older students can not ignore it. They can pick up some challenging questions for young people to answer when they ask questions in the class. Instead, they choose some relatively simple questions for the elderly to answer. In the group discussion, they try to make young people and the elderly interspersed with arrangements Do not drop the elderly and make progress together.

In fact, they are the most intelligent people, and sometimes I learn from them far more than I taught them, and they are very serious, live to learn the old spirit has been infected me, encouraged me, I believe that as long as teachers have a serious teaching attitude, with equal respect of the mentality to treat this group of lovely old people, can get their approval!

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