How to teach foreigners to learn Chinese

In recent years, foreigners have become increasingly enthusiastic about learning Chinese. Especially after the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai world expo, many businessmen, tourists and international students have stepped into our country. Then we have how to teach foreigners Chinese?

From what aspects to teach foreigners to learn Chinese, we must first understand the purpose of this student learning. Is to go to China for short-term travel? Long-term work? Or want to learn Chinese? According to the different purposes of teaching content, and whether to learn Pinyin, whether to learn writing.

Pronunciation, there are professional books on the pronunciation of each of the parts, pronunciation methods, such as the tongue placed in what position, the impact of air currents and so on.

As for the teaching plan, we need to tailor it according to the students’ situation. There is no one ready.

There are many books, but good and bad, have to look carefully selected. Some books are textbooks of the Hanban planning in China, which have the sign of “Hanban” and should be better. However, they did not dare to say anything if they did not read it because there are also various economic interests, backdoors and other factors The interference, who knows?

Westerners learn Chinese is a common problem is the tone of the more muddled, even if the University of English translation of the Western teachers, Chinese is strong enough, can speak Chinese or strange accent. I thought of some ways to correct it, and found that it was more effective:

From the students have learned the Chinese word, and in each tone to find a very familiar, can pronounce accurate, very commonly used words, as a representative. For example: 1, guo 2, wo 3, zhong 4. shi, when they read the other words, think about the corresponding “tone representative”, imitate this tune to pronounce. This is indeed effective.

After summing up the teaching of foreigners to learn Chinese has the following points:

一: know what industry this foreign country is engaged in.

二. Learn about the foreigner’s learning of Chinese.

三. Selection of Chinese teaching materials.

四. Teachers’ teaching methods and methods, temporary strain capacity, etc.

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