The importance of learning Chinese pinyin

Hanyu Pinyin is the golden key for pupils to open the door to knowledge and the ladder to the scientific peak. By learning Pinyin, you can let your child read the words in your textbook and read them fluently. As children’s literacy increases, so does the level of reading and writing. Therefore, pinyin is the basis of literacy, reading, the premise of the exercise, but also to learn Chinese indispensable part. Therefore, in primary schools not only to learn Hanyu Pinyin, but also must be mastered and applied well. I will talk about the importance of learning Hanyu Pinyin from three aspects.

Key words 1: conducive to the learning of literacy

With pinyin, students can recognize their words and speed up the pace of literacy. If you encounter unknown words in the learning process, guide students to spell a spell with the help of pinyin, read a few times and read more times. During repeated spelling, students learn Chinese characters and also learn how to read Chinese characters . Students learn Hanyu Pinyin, with the help of this tool, their own understanding of the phonetic part of the word, the classic writings in Pinyin Chinese characters, learn some vocabulary. Hanyu Pinyin can feel amazing, can help them read quasi-phonetic (including the difference between polyphonic, correct wrong-reading words), recognize words, access to independent literacy skills. This will stimulate students’ interest in literacy and speed up their literacy so that students can read and write in listening, speaking, reading and writing and improve the quality of literacy. Thus, Hanyu Pinyin is an important and effective tool for literacy.

Keyword 2: to help children read

Learn Hanyu Pinyin, on the one hand, let students through reading to consolidate the Hanyu Pinyin, on the other hand, let students read these texts with the help of Pinyin, through the use of Hanyu Pinyin to read the practice, they read through repeated, can pronounce the pronunciation correctly, can read the text through smoothly, can improve reading ability.

On the basis of the students ‘ reading practice, the teacher can also read out the feelings with the directed reading instruction. Through the reading study, the students ‘ comprehensive quality has been further improved.

This shows that in the students learn the golden age of the mother tongue, reading classics, read, to accumulate as many language materials, cultivate good culture, broaden the personal sense of space, for their future high-level, high-grade development lay a deep foundation.

Key words 3: learn mandarin well

China is a multi-ethnic country, all nationalities have their own language, different regions of the language have obvious differences. Language inconsistency, so that people in the production and life of mutual exchange also brought great inconvenience. Therefore, to learn Mandarin, speak Mandarin has become a necessary ability of people in today’s society. Learning Hanyu Pinyin can help you speak Mandarin. And from the primary school literacy stage, for its lifelong development lay a good foundation.

In short, learn Hanyu Pinyin to students to learn Chinese language, the students ‘ comprehensive quality of the formation and improvement, to help children smoothly into the primary school.

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