Chinese character learning tips


The language is extensive and profound, does the child that just go to school feel difficult? Mom and dad, you can’t do anything about it? There is a secret to learning Chinese characters, so long as you master the secret, anyone can become a Chinese dictionary.

How to make students learn Chinese characters easily?

Learn 100 Chinese characters in Chinese

Chinese character practical teaching method

Chinese character learning tips

Associative memory method

The Chinese characters are extensive and profound, so they can use the associative memory method to connect the words with specific parts into a sentence.

For example, with the word “heart” : missing is a kind of very hanging thing, such as shadow with the silent and without interest. As a result, these specific parts of the text will “linger in my mind”.

Drawing and Literacy method

“In fact, the image of Chinese characters is not initially we see, but after a long evolutionary process, the first is the knot, then is pictographs, the last is now simplified, but a lot of the meaning of Chinese characters remain hieroglyphs, therefore, drawing literacy method also can yet be regarded as a literate.” “Yang said.

In the process of memorizing Chinese characters, using a pen to draw out the general shape of a thing makes a simple and vivid picture, which is more intuitive and easier to accept than the information conveyed by the language.

Such as memorization “moon and water” and other characters, the student in a small river, on the paper attached to draw three hills, then improve the occasion, the river turn into a “water”, the hill evolved into “mountain”. In this way, it can accurately understand and understand the meaning of Chinese characters, and also remember the shape of Chinese characters, forming a deep and strong impression and improving the efficiency of memorizing Chinese characters.

Code Shun slip literacy method

The child sex play, if can combine teaching yu le, take advantage of the child’s psychological characteristic, make some Chinese characters into fluent, will let the Chinese character become vivid and interesting.

As “from” the word: two people do friends, tandem follow, such as the “spring” word, make up for, three people together in the sunshine, and the more complex “blue” word, make up for: aunt wang, beautiful white, butt sitting on the stone. Similarly, this method can be used in memorizing some type of near word.

Crossword notation

The same use of children love to play the nature, in addition to knitting jingle, can also guess crossword, can improve the interest of students to read, but also to enable students to long knowledge, broaden their horizons, is to train students to develop a good desire to learn from childhood.

such as: 1, bite off a cow’s tail—-tell. 2. A man sleeps by a tree—-Hugh. 3, cattle walk the bridge-born.

Look for literacy

By changing the Chinese character to the side, deepen the memory. If you remember the word “follow”, you can contact the Chinese characters you know before to memorize it: “follow” and replace “very” and “double side” with “feet”. “Class”, the “tree” of the “tree” “next to the word” and so on.

Of course, in the memorization of Chinese characters, by observing, thinking, discussing and arguing, from the aspects of ministry, structure, and so on, we should classify the characters and find the rules of learning.

After learning a lot of the words “beside the wooden word”, the students know that the words “beside the wooden word” are mostly not related to the tree. I further guided the students to conclude that most of the words related to “water” have “three water”, and “next to the month” is usually related to the body.

This is not the most comprehensive, the Chinese character is extensive and profound, still waiting for the students to explore the discovery themselves, will understand the mystery of the Chinese characters.

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