How to make students learn Chinese characters easily?

Chinese characters are the treasures of Chinese culture, literacy is the foundation of reading and writing, and the teaching of literacy is the focus of Chinese teaching in the lower grade and the foundation of the foundation. However, literacy is a very boring task for students with low grades, and for teachers, it is also a hot task. So, how to improve the literacy of children? I think we can try it from the following aspects.

First, organize the game activities, improve literacy interest. Games are a form of love for children. Children like to imitate, like to play, like performance, combined with the younger age, can concentrate on listening time is short. Therefore, in teaching, we often change different, fresh and fun, loved by the “game” to stimulate their interest, mobilize the desire of students to learn abstract text symbols, so that students in the “game” to learn literacy, so boring literacy class Become a paradise for students to learn. For example, finding friends, driving trains, picking fruit and other activities is very interesting. However, when organizing a game to answer the questions, teachers should not neglect the “effectiveness” of literacy merely for “fun”.

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Second, teach the students methods to improve the quality of teaching. In the teaching of literacy, if the students will be tired of mechanical memory, as long as the mastery of literacy methods, experience the happiness of success in order to keep the interest of students to persevere. Therefore, in the teaching of literacy, in addition to stimulating the students ‘ interest in literacy, it is necessary to properly infiltrate some literacy knowledge and methods to develop students ‘ ability to read and write. “It is better to teach a man to fish than to give it to a fisherman.” Teach students how to read and help them develop their ability to read and write.

(1) part literacy. According to the rules of Chinese characters, the students can learn to read and write by “adding, subtracting and changing”, using the method of splitting and combining Chinese characters.

(2) graphic literacy. That is to use the visual image to help students to memorize a method of glyph.

(3) child literacy. Read children’s songs is accord with the age and psychological characteristics of junior students, teachers can be based on the characteristics of Chinese characters, some catchy rhyme formulas, let them read it over and over again, so that the students on the glyph visual image, so as to improve the accuracy of memory glyph.

(4) word puzzles. The puzzle is a kind of activity that students are extremely interested in, and it is a good way to use the word puzzles. In the work of guessing puzzles and puzzles, the students memorized the words, the glyphs, and the meanings. At the same time, I can train my thinking ability, language ability and expression ability. For example: “a bit of two eyes a stare – six” etc. By guessing, the students were impressed.

(5) The Story Literacy law. Elementary school students like to listen to stories, in the teaching of literacy, teachers should consciously adapt some abstract Chinese characters into lively and interesting stories, so that they can stimulate their imagination, but also to achieve accurate memory of difficult words target. There are many methods of literacy, such as: Each student establishes “the Literacy Growth Record Bag”, and sets up the display card in the class, carries on the literacy challenge. Teachers also need to build a large class of life, to expand literacy space, to guide students to explore the ability to read and improve literacy. For example: to guide students to watch TV literacy, shopping, street signs and so on, so that students understand things and the organic combination of literacy.

The teaching and training of literacy methods are of great value to students’ self-learning, learning ability and sustainable development. Traditional literacy teaching only pays attention to teaching students to know “this word”, without realizing it, so that students can learn to recognize “this kind of word” in the sense of “this word”. Pay attention to let the students learn a word “this”, acquisition method of this kind of word, and then grinding “gun” training opportunities for students, establish the platform of “practice”, can make it in repeated training “practice makes perfect”, which evolved into a kind of learning ability.

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