How do middle-aged people learn Hanyu Pinyin?


(1) memorize the alphabet, master the sequence

This is not only the starting point for pinyin, but also for mastering sequence search method is very important.

(2) memorize the phonetic alphabet

Memorizing 23 initials, 24 finals and 16 overall syllables, this is the basis for learning Chinese pinyin.

(3) master the structure of Chinese pinyin and the method of pinyin

Hanyu Pinyin is generally composed of three parts: initials, vowels and tones; Mandarin has yin (a sound), yangping (two), Shang (three), Tone (four) four, the formula is: “A high all the way flat, two sound from the low to rise, the three first drop and then raise, four from high to low.” The tones can only be marked on the main vowel of the vowel. In the case of I and u, the tones are marked on the back of the vowel, I pinyin on the point.

(4) to understand the spelling rules of hanyu pinyin, the following three points should be noted:

① to master the ellipsis rule of two points on U. “N, l two really honest, willing to make friends with small fish”, “J Q x Rogue, see the fish eyes to dig.” Remember these two formulas, then mastered the “U” on the two points of the ellipsis rule.

② will use noise symbols. “The two syllables are tight, and the aoe is soundproofed before.” The meaning of this formula is that the syllables at the beginning of a, o, e should be separated by soundproof symbols (‘) when they are connected behind other syllables, Misreading. Such as pi ‘a o, xi’ an, shang ‘e, hai’ ou.

③ should master the writing method of Hanyu Pinyin. First of all, we should understand the format of writing letters, distinguish which occupy three, which occupies the middle, which occupies the upper-middle, which occupies the next. You can also use some of the jingle notes to write the location. For example: lower right semicircle b b b, upper right semicircle p p, lower left semicircle D D D, left upper semicircle q q Q. The second is to clarify the writing methods of syllables and sentences. When writing a syllable, first write the initials, then write the finals, the final mark of the tone, when writing sentences, generally in terms of words, words and words open a little, the beginning of the letter must be capitalized.

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