Four problems to be overcome when foreigners learn Chinese


It is not difficult for foreigners to learn Chinese, as a Chinese, we can change the position of thinking and feeling. What we say every day is Chinese, and the Chinese word is written, and these two things are simply easy. However, if you have to speak English and write letters every day, many people will begin to have some difficulty.

I have a friend who deals with foreigners every day, and all the friends around me envy her. However, in a few chats with her, I found that it is not easy for foreigners to learn Chinese. My friend told me that many teachers always feel powerless when teaching foreigners because they are not aware of the four problems that foreigners need to overcome when they teach.

The first big question–pronunciation

For foreigners who have not studied Chinese, they do not know the correct pronunciation method of pinyin, and they only use gourd to draw a gourd, unable to pronounce the correct pronunciation. Therefore, for pronunciation, foreigners should first learn pinyin.

The second big question–grammar

Some foreigners can speak a little Chinese, but because the native language environment of different countries, many Chinese words from the mouth of foreigners always make people laugh. This is because grammar is not in place. So the word order is always topsy-turvy.

The third big question-literacy

Because Chinese character writing system is very mad, the component of emissions in two dimensional space, but not like alphabet emissions in one dimensional space, writing Chinese characters are similar to see so many foreigners think is “the family”, can’t tell.

The fourth big question–writing

Chinese characters are a kind of square text, and other countries, compared to the text is a “different”, and the number of Chinese characters are more than thousands, in terms of quantity and quality is a big test for foreigners to learn Chinese.

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