How to learn Chinese through Chinese songs?


Learn Chinese? Oh, my god! How hard is that? You know? Not to mention the tedious vertical, the tone of voice can drive me crazy. And grammar! And the historical precipitates that have to be mentioned — idioms. Why can’t Chinese learning be as easy and fun as other languages?

Are you ready now? Are you looking for a fun and effective way to learn Chinese now? Someone just does not agree. It’s fun to say that Chinese songs are fun, but I really can not see Of course, is it really good for him to learn to sing Chinese songs? Of course, singing Chinese songs will bring you no small troubles, such as phonetic grammar problems. However, under the prerequisite that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, I think no one will refuse to sing Chinese songs? Now let us talk about the benefits of learning Chinese songs.

Watch TV Dramas Learn Chinese

The ten teaching methods of hanyu pinyin

1. Improve learning interest

Interest is the teacher of learning. If there is no interest in learning, how can you continue to study enthusiastically? So let music lead you to the new day and bring you the passion to learn, why not?

2. Expanded vocabulary

There is no doubt that each song short 50 words words, presumably on a daily basis, the premise of a week, there are 350 words of vocabulary, and then deduct some repetition, less 200 words more than the upper limit of the vocabulary accumulation, you still not echocardiography?

3. Develop the sense of language

Although the lyrics are sometimes swallowed according to the melody, but the basic structure is probably not a big change, so with the hum melody in unconsciously cultivated a sense of language, that earn more ah.

4. Understand the historical culture of the load

Like Faye Wong had sung “water head”, but the song made by the famous Su Shi Yong Mid-Autumn Festival, one of fear, worry, hope, all without exception. At the same time learning the song has learned a Song, but also one of the eight famous Tang and Song celebrities, not to mention the Mid-Autumn Festival can also show off their own “content”, wow ~

5. Listening training

Difficulty highest first jay Chou, of course, this is a special case, but have to say in the form of Rap is very attractive, and the lively atmosphere not only can arouse their learning enthusiasm, better is the most important of which is a good way to relax.

So what are you waiting for? Go and listen to Chinese songs.

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