How to learn Chinese color word method?


This singer is now ______, A red, B white, C yellow, D black. This is a hsk exam, if the Chinese people go to the exam, it is natural to choose the red, but many Japanese and South Korean candidates to choose the white, this result makes us incredible. From this Chinese case, we can find that certain Chinese words have given profound cultural meanings. Language is the carrier of culture, everywhere embodied in intercultural communication.

How to learn Chinese color word method?
  Many words in Chinese have cultural meanings, for example, when talking about “magpie”, they immediately think of something festive. When they talk about “fame,” they mean ambition. Narcissus has the meaning of purity and elegance in Chinese, but it is narcissistic in English. Often, the same meaning is different in different cultural environments, so cultural conflicts sometimes occur.

In Chinese, several colors have their own additional meaning.


The Han people like red for a long time, reminding people of the sun and the fire to bring happiness and bright light, which is extended to be a celebration and auspicious meaning.


Reminiscent of white clouds, snow, so a sense of pride and elegance, due to historical reasons, white is also dangerous.


is the color of the Chinese nation, is regarded as a symbol of the country, because of contact with the royal family, it is also a symbol of wealth. Pornography refers to the introduction of pornography from the United States. It can be seen that the meaning of culture in different countries is also very different.


The ancients believed that black represented the north and winter, symbolizing sadness, desolation and anger. Black in ancient times is also a symbol of noble and solemn, in the modern in addition to these two kinds of meanings, also on behalf of the mysterious black, since ancient times people afraid of the dark, so black also symbolizes the fear and mysterious. Therefore, in serious and advanced occasions, men wear black suits, and women’s black dresses are considered solemn and elegant. In funeral and memorial, relatives and friends also wear black and black to show seriousness and respect.


Purple in the Chinese culture and the same red and yellow, a symbol of wealth and noble. In Chinese, to say that a person is gaining popularity is “red and purple.” Peking Opera purple face showing solemn, steady, full of sense of justice characters.


Green is the color of plants, is a symbol of vitality, the modern mention of green is also mostly from the environmental protection, youthful vitality such a positive sense. In the ancient culture, the green represents a lot of negative meaning, beginning with humble ordinary people’s clothing, then to the “Green Hat” such a clearly derogatory term, as well as representing the unpleasant atmosphere, Such as describing a person “angry face is green.”


Gray represents depression, disappointment, contains negative implications.

Japan and South Korea students chose the stars is very white, because in their national, pure white said, but they don’t know how say in Chinese white terror, unfortunate meanings, such as this is the influence of negative transfer. Of course, there are a lot of people in the face of foreign cultural nationalism of the protection of the in the mind, we do not recommend that students take the attitude of acceptance, just hope they can change a perspective different from our own culture and not biased to Chinese cultural stereotypes, can retain their own cultural identity, and according to China’s specific conditions to experience and observe.

Color words in Chinese are a manifestation of Chinese culture.

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