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With the development of China’s communication industry, more and more Chinese films and TV series are broadcast abroad. This is a very good thing for those who learn Chinese. See more movies, TV series can quickly improve the Chinese language skills.

Personally think that, compared to movies, TV series is more conducive to learning Chinese.

The movie is about two hours before you get used to the lines of the characters in the series. But the drama is different. Generally speaking, the length of a Chinese TV series is 45 minutes. In this way, 20 episodes are 900 minutes, so there is enough time for you to get familiar with each person and gradually understand that they are speaking very well interesting.

Due to the high volume of the TV series, the rich conversational amount is excellent for learning Chinese. There may be a lot of people saying I can’t understand their lines. This is normal, even if your Chinese level is close to the Chinese people, there must be some things you don’t understand. Watching TV drama sometimes requires more than just language, but also includes many other things, such as historical knowledge, literary knowledge and many daily phrases, phrases and phrases. So don’t lose heart if you can’t understand the TV series. Many Chinese people, especially those who use Internet slang, are also aware of it. If your Chinese is not very good, then my advice is, please watch the subtitles or the dubbing version of your country. In this way, the content of the TV series will be printed in your mind, and it will be easier to know what they are talking about when you look at it.

In addition, this kind of learning method is practice listening practice, so the small part doesn’t have to mind very much.

Next, I’d like to introduce some of my favorite TV series recently

Chinese divorce

Although the name of the TV show is “Chinese”, it is only a story about divorce.

From the point of view of the TV series, the actors, especially the actress, are acting so well that they feel that if they are married to a wife, they will die. From the perspective of Chinese learning, the characters’ pronunciation is clear, and there are appropriate idioms in the lines.

“House Gate”

This drama tells the story of a big family from the late Qing Dynasty to the founding of New China.

Starring Chen Baoguo acting superior, although the story is a bit heavy, but he moderately humorous acting makes people feel very comfortable. In addition, the description of the characters in the play is very good. Extremely vividly describes the character of Chinese people. This TV series as a learning tool to use, it does have difficulty, but for understanding the modern history of China but it has a great role. So, good Chinese foreign friends can try to challenge.

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