How to break through the difficulties of Chinese conversation?

When foreigners learn Chinese, the conversation is one of the difficulties. Often when you want to say something, you can’t find the right word, which will greatly reduce your interest in learning Chinese.

So, how can we break through the difficulties of Chinese conversation? Here’s a detailed introduction for you:

For beginner students, start with areas of interest or specialization. In this way, the topic is fixed, there will be some high frequency of words. For example, >>> American student Mark, interested in playing golf. He often talks to Chinese people on the topic of golf.There will be a lot of fixed words, such as “club”, “green”, “caddy” and so on. In the repeated use of these fixed words, but also remembered the expression of these new words, serve two purposes. In this way, students’ learning enthusiasm can be increased. As time passes, students can learn how to behave, and Chinese can be said to be getting better and better.

For mid-level students, some of the above methods are not enough. The most distressing thing for mid-level students is that there is no problem with the daily Chinese conversation, but the deeper topics are somewhat overwhelmed. Therefore, the most suitable for them is more appropriate dialogue, I recommend the learning method is “professional.” Everyone has their own profession, also have their own work. Intermediate students can try more talk about work topics. For foreigners who learn Chinese, the required Chinese is usually a daily conversation + working language. Therefore, mid-level students are able to use their work to learn Chinese. In the classroom to ask teachers more about the vocabulary of their work, as well as their own work in Chinese common language and so on.

In addition, there is a way to recommend to everyone. That is to learn more about their national social and cultural vocabulary when foreigners come to China to study or work, they often encounter such a problem “is there a situation in your country?” What will your country do with this situation? And so on, so, a lot of preparation of some words about their own country or learn Chinese professional books is also very meaningful, and will improve their oral Chinese one way.

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