How to learn Chinese phonetic alphabet

Vowels, consonants, initials, consonants of the relationship

Every word we say is made up of words one by one. Words have monosyllabic words and many syllable words. Multi-syllable words are composed of “syllables” (a Chinese character) connected one by one. Everyone often treats each syllable as a unit of speech because the speaker himself perceives each syllable as being an entire voice. The obedient listens to each syllable as a voice. The two words “a (a) ai” and “yi (ⅰ) service (u)” each include two syllables, each of which is indeed a voice, and it is no longer possible to analyze what is coming. However, each of the following groups of words has a different syllable:

Feng – rich learning – school machine – reading device – book

The four words read that they would feel that the front of “rich” is the voice of f, the front of “school (xué xiào)” is the voice of x,

The back of the “machine” is the voice of i “more study dú shū)” are the voices of the back.

That means that the syllables can also analyze things, and the components in these syllables are called phonemes. Phonemes are the smallest units of speech, while syllables can be called “natural units of phonetic sound”.

Chinese pinyin generally in a letters a phoneme, only useful ch she er and ing several phonemes in double letters.

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