The purpose of learning Chinese pinyin

Chinese pinyin is an effective tool to help literacy and learning mandarin. The main purpose of learning Chinese pinyin, is to help the students to read and learn mandarin.

The teaching of literacy is three: read the word, recognize the glyph and understand the meaning of the word. The Chinese characters are not phonetic words, but they cannot be read.

Students learned pinyin, you can use this tool, oneself read and approved by the teacher can put the teaching focus on the analysis and the interpretation of meaning of glyph, causes the student to correct firmly recognize glyph, know the meaning, and have more time for students to practice writing, acquire the basic strokes of Chinese characters, Chinese character component radical, skeleton structure and words. In this way, students can not only read Chinese characters fast, but also have a strong grasp, which is conducive to improving the quality of literacy teaching.

Literacy is the foundation of reading and writing. If you learn Chinese Pinyin, you can use Hanyu Pinyin to solve the problem of Chinese pronunciation, improve your self-learning ability and improve the quality of reading teaching. At the same time, students can use Chinese pinyin instead of untrained Chinese characters to clearly express their own ideas. This is good for training and improving students’ writing skills.

Learning Mandarin is an important task of the language discipline. After teaching pupils to learn Chinese pinyin, they can constantly overcome the influence of dialects and learn Mandarin well.

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