How to learn Mandarin pronunciation

Learn Mandarin voice, including pronunciation and positive two parts.

Pronunciation is the most basic pronunciation of learning requirements. Pronunciation is accurate and listening, the ability to distinguish the sound, so first of all to improve speech resolution. On the basis of mastered the correct pronunciation, but also through repeated practice, to achieve full proficiency.

Phonetic refers to the standard Chinese pronunciation of Putonghua to master Chinese characters and words. It is a kind of memory training to correct the deviation from Putonghua. The difference between the square tone and the Mandarin voice is not without any rules. Knowing the corresponding laws of the square tone and the Mandarin voice, you do not have to memorize a word by word, and you can remember it batch by batch. On the basis of the positive tone, we should also gradually apply it to the actual oral language through reading aloud and conversation practice.

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