How to learn mandarin well

To learn Mandarin well, you must first understand the correct pinyin of words, that is, pronunciation. For example, some words must distinguish the nasal sounds after the first nasal and the nasal sounds like “l, n” so that your Mandarin pronunciation is standard. At this point you can listen to the recordings in the textbook and listen to the standard pronunciation. Then read more, purely read more, read more, proficient, on the line. Some people say that learning to speak with the northerners, in fact, the northerners say is not standard Mandarin, but their pronunciation is closer to Mandarin. For example, Beijing dialect is. Many people think Peking people speak standard Mandarin, which is not the case. Beijingers like to say “child”, which is a child’s voice. But do you listen to the standard Mandarin that the host speaks on TV? No, so that’s not enough. But he also said that we should pay attention to the news network of CCTV, which is right, because CCTV’s moderators all speak standard Mandarin. In short, there is no shortcut to speaking a standard Mandarin.

To learn mandarin well, the first and foremost thing is to insist every day that this is very important, and at the same time pay attention to discovering your own problems. After finding out your dialect problem, you need to find the right training method, which you can consult the teacher, which can be targeted to be trained. At the same time, listen to the pronunciations of some standard Mandarin people daily, including listening to the radio and good classmates speaking Mandarin. In addition, if you have time, you should do some reading exercises everyday, and practice them in the order of ancient poetry – poetry – prose. In short, study of Putonghua is also language learning, only perseverance, to be effective. As long as the general adhere to 3-5 months, will receive some results, some people will make great progress. Wish you can practice Mandarin!

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