How to improve the level of putonghua

If you are already learning Mandarin, then for you, the next thing to do is: Practice! Practice!

1, slow down the speed of speech. Say every word pay attention to their own questions such as Alice, practice correction;

2, hard. Yes, please force to speak, many times before and after we did not divide the tongue into wrong, it is because the tongue and mouth too lazy, did not develop a good habit of speaking. So, for the correct pronunciation must be full force hair full, do not be afraid of tired;

3, say less. Say less to say less when speaking wrongly say less, unless you can force and slow down the speed of pronunciation, or less, please say less to reduce the consolidation of false habits;

4, learn more. Really, met the words are not allowed, take the trouble to turn the dictionary more than remember to buy the latest version of the dictionary oh!

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