Tips for learning Chinese in the short term


Now that as Chinese gets hotter and hotter, many people come to China as soon as they have time to learn Chinese in the original environment, so more and more people are learning Chinese in the near future.

There are mainly two types, one is a business person who has worked, knows a few Chinese characters, wants to quickly improve his / her own listening and speaking in China’s language environment in a short period of time, and the second is that he has never contacted a Chinese character or understood Chinese , Want to learn some authentic basic spoken language, lay the foundation for further study. In simple terms is the Chinese advanced type and zero-based Chinese!

Complete teaching plan

First of all, in the teaching plan, content and methods, we must proceed from reality and adhere to the principle of practicality. In the curriculum set up follow-up, oral conversation and other courses. Allow students to conduct effective practice under the guidance of rapid improvement in the use of capacity.

Choose the right teaching material

In the choice of teaching materials also have a targeted choice, so that teaching content and the level of students, the actual life of close contact. At the same time, we should not place too much emphasis on the theoretical and grammatical knowledge of the system. On the contrary, we must emphasize the essential characteristics of Chinese and continue to practice according to this essential feature.

To hear and say ability

Second, adhere to the principle of improving students’ ability to hear and tell oral English, it is unrealistic to emphasize all-round improvement of listening, speaking, reading and writing of four skills within a limited period of time, and that reading and writing can be carried out under any circumstances. Good language environment has a great relationship, we just want to use the hard-won Chinese environment to focus on the practice, it is very important. Many teachers think that short-term students do not have to correct their voices too much. In fact, on the contrary, pronunciation is the foundation of Chinese teaching which runs through the whole Chinese learning process. Moreover, Chinese is a tonal language, and homophones Do not put a good language off, not good at learning Chinese, students develop a foreign language tone, and then want to correct the authentic Mandarin is more difficult.

Choose efficient teaching methods

Furthermore, the classroom should adhere to flexible and diverse teaching methods, such as grammatical translation law, listening and speaking method, audition method, etc., according to the specific circumstances of students, choose the teaching method suitable for them is very important, the image of some intuitive pictures and films will be Greatly improve students’ memory, the atmosphere of the classroom active and active, students learn motivation, the effect is very unusual.

To society as a big class

Finally, we must adhere to the principle of society as a big class. Teachers should encourage students to use what they learn in class and make full use of social practice. By understanding Chinese culture and communicating with Chinese people, they slowly turn learned languages ​​into words. For example, with students to do some tours, this is what they really want to experience, and has repeatedly proved that this approach may be the fastest way to learn the deepest impression!

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