The most pure Chinese to learn

In recent years, many foreigners come to work in China or study abroad. Most people learn Chinese. I find that many foreigners have a common problem: in any case, also want to understand Chinese in their own language. But what I want to say is that if you want to learn pure Chinese, please give up this method.

As more and more foreigners learn Chinese, more people can speak Chinese. As long as a mouth, the Chinese can estimate their level. Some foreigners, even though they speak fluently, find it strange however that such people fail to learn pure Chinese and are influenced by their native language.

How do babies and children learn a language? Everyone learns their mother tongue spontaneously in their childhood. Childhood we have no thought of forming, will only take pictures, but is the most simple way to learn, sometimes with unexpected results.

In other words, adults should not be restricted by your own native language thinking and logical thinking when learning a foreign language. Of course, this is hard, but try not to think too much, do not always ask why you say it, not to say it. Please simply imitate. Even the simplest sentence, you should do the same. Because this ocean will make your Chinese less mistakes.

How to get rid of the influence of mother tongue?

1, encounter new words, please do not check the dictionary immediately

For example, when you study or watch TV, you often encounter unknown words. This time, please do not open your dictionary immediately, but guess the meaning of the word according to the scene or conversation. Doing so not only memorably, but also makes your Chinese more authentic.

2, met the new words or grammar not in the mother tongue, do not jump guess

Many students, especially Japanese students, this phenomenon is obvious. Due to the Chinese characters in both Japanese and Chinese, many Japanese students unconsciously associate Chinese words with Japanese words, which is easy to make mistakes. If this new word or grammar is not available in your native language, remember what they mean and do in Chinese. Do not be forced to use their own language to remember.

3, master the pronunciation

Pronunciation is the key to listening and speaking. If you do not remember your pronunciation, not only can you not understand others, your own words can not be well communicated to others. Therefore, pronunciation is an important part of mastering pure Chinese.

The above is my own opinion on how to learn pure Chinese, hoping to help the majority of Chinese learners.

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