Foreigners learn Chinese textbooks

People who have studied language know that a good textbook is very important to their ability to learn a foreign language well. Similarly, when foreigners learn Chinese, choosing a good Chinese textbook is the first step. But now the market’s classic textbooks are very few, a mixed bag, as we live in China, to friends to find good textbooks, but also a very important step in learning Chinese.

Let’s start with some of the qualities that a good Chinese textbook needs.

① content is accurate, such as Chinese ontology knowledge, the scope of application of grammar, translation and the symmetry of the text, often in some textbooks to see the wrong translation and grammar interpretation, directly affect the students to the Teaching Materials Trust degree and interest in learning.

② targeted, students learn the purpose of different, and the language involved is very wide, business Chinese, oral listening, reading and writing, as well as different countries of people’s learning habits, so the textbooks should be carefully classified, students will learn more.

③ interesting, textbooks have no meaning for students will directly affect the enthusiasm for learning. As a teacher, deeply feel that if the textbook is boring, the classroom is extremely boring, the teacher also very laborious lectures, to spend a certain amount of time to mobilize their enthusiasm. Very interesting teaching materials, almost the students themselves have been driven up, the initiative to ask some questions, the classroom effect is better.

④ real-time, a lot of textbooks need to be updated, with the development of science and technology, it seems that every day has changed rapidly, so the change of vocabulary and frequency of use is also changing, some textbooks on the vocabulary are some of the old, not in line with the current social phenomenon and some data, the students do not help the study, and even create confusion. To sum up, it is not easy to choose a good textbook.

Here are a few I think also good learning Chinese textbooks, recommended to everyone.

“Beautiful Bridge” This is a very simple entry level book, especially suitable for European and American students who want to learn spoken English, vocabulary is simple, commonly used, and the grammar is clear and practical, for some want to live in China business people more appropriate, can let them in the shortest time and the Chinese do some basic communication, My students have a very good response to the book as if they were looking for a baby.

“Chinese spoken language crash” This is a major colleges and universities are in the application of textbooks, can be described as a classic, suitable for the system to learn Chinese students, want to pass the Chinese test students, this is a set of teaching materials, from the introduction to a total of 6, the detailed study of grammar. Of course, the requirements of Chinese characters are also relatively high, taking into account the four basic language skills, reading and writing, if students want to engage in translation diplomacy or entrance examination, this is necessary books! Most of the students in Chinese are using the book.

“The Korean Chinese Oral course” Now foreigners who study Chinese, the proportion of Korean people can not be belittled, but also is the most serious study, which is related to many factors, such as economic and political. But Korean people also have their own characteristics, through the Korean language textbooks we can very clearly find the shortcomings of their national textbooks. Their textbooks vivid, topic-oriented, close to the political and economic and cultural issues between China and Korea, very practical, for some of the Korean people who work, is a rare textbook.

A course in spoken Chinese, which is also a series of very thick books, the knowledge of the upper and lower books is relatively overlapping, the grammar content is not much, the practice and topic is very much, so it is more suitable for class course, and it is not continuous class students, for example, many students may take Chinese class, one or two times a week, Such a large class with this book is very good, can let students speak freely to talk about their country’s situation, but also equivalent to a classroom cultural exchange, increased the opening degree, mobilized the student’s enthusiasm.

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