Reading Chinese Learning method


Recently, the method of reading language is very popular. The method is to learn the language by reading aloud. This method was once despised, especially in front of people, but now, for some reason, this method has been popular.

Reading Chinese Learning method

The advantages of reading aloud

There are many advantages to this method of learning Chinese by reading aloud. Especially for the training of conversational ability is helpful. Conversation is like movement. Often do exercise people should have this experience: no matter which kind of movement, all need to practice every action in peacetime. In this way, the body responds naturally to the game. Conversations are the same. Through repeated sound exercises, the muscles of the mouth form a habitual action, which is naturally spoken in the actual conversation. In addition, when reading aloud, is directly read Chinese, so will not be affected by their own mother tongue. This practice, which is not in the language of the mother tongue, is very helpful to the learning of languages.

Practice method

As for the specific exercise method, first we have to prepare something that sounds like a CD. Listen to the tape first, while listening to the article, this will shorten the reading time of the article. Doing so requires attention to both pronunciation and tone. Try to imitate the pronunciation of the CD. The same exercises need to be repeated several times, the more the better. To be specific, it is best to recite the article to the basic. It sounds like it’s hard to recite an article, but if you read it 100 times 200 times, you’ll probably remember it. It’s important to note that when you do this kind of exercise, the article is better short. A long article can be divided into sections and exercises for a period of time. As for how long interval to study, do several exercises every day, according to your time and character to decide. One of my students was listening to it 10 times on the first day, 9 times the next day, and 8 times on the third day. This is the way he has almost memorized several textbooks, and now Chinese proficiency is very good. This method is particularly recommended for beginners and intermediate students.

Choose a textbook

Teaching materials are especially important when learning Chinese in this way. Especially want to recite the article through this method of the person, to choose a good article difficult degree, length and so on. Especially the length. Too long articles are easy to fatigue, and too short articles have no effect. Therefore, must choose to oneself not much pressure, but the content is more substantial article. About the length of the article, my suggestion is about 1 minutes to read the article is better.

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