How can foreigners learn Chinese quickly?

If you ask foreigners what is the hardest part of learning Chinese, they will speak Chinese in the first place. Chinese characters have three difficulties “difficult to recognize, hard to write, difficult to remember”, this should be the consensus of all foreigners. In order to teach Chinese class, I read a lot of information, but also taught a lot of industry leaders. I will not repeat them for various common problems. For the primary class Chinese class, I just want to say: Let foreigners who have just started to learn Chinese should write Chinese characters under the teacher’s attention. Because students have different native languages, they are easily influenced by the writing habits of their own native language. If the students are merely arranged for copywriting, the effect may not be good.

I have an Egyptian friend very hard, after class, I am very hard to take the initiative to copy the word, copy the text, a copy is dozens of times dozens of times, looks workmanship, but I found in the classroom, he wrote horizontal When, is written from right to left, when writing vertical is written from the bottom up, the structure of the word is often written from right to left. For example, “Ming”, he first wrote “month” in writing “day”, “month” that write is also written from the bottom up. His writing habits of Chinese characters have obviously been influenced by the habit of writing in Arabic. This point, if you do not observe in the Chinese class, only to see the students hand in the operation, will not find any problems.

After discovering this problem, I switched to homework in the classroom, using “Shu Hong exercises” with stroke instructions for a period of time. This will enable students to discover and promptly correct any problems they may have when learning Chinese. So, just start teaching foreigners Chinese characters when tired, over and over again stressed that over and over again. When students have mastered the correct writing rules, to develop a standardized writing habits, you can adjust the classroom teaching content!

Foreigners learn Chinese is a difficult process to teach Chinese characters is only part of it, but I think this is also a process of enjoyment, so when you think about foreign students who have been taught, the heart is full of joy!

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