Chinese character practical teaching method

Many foreigners are interested and looking forward to learning Chinese , but often they can only express their disappointment without success. The root cause of this result lies in the four difficulties of the Chinese characters themselves, hard to read, hard to write, hard to recognize, hard to remember. For foreigners who have become accustomed to phonetic writing, Chinese characters are undoubtedly the same as the Bible. They are completely strange and complicated things. It is not easy for them to grasp it. As a result, Chinese characters have become the biggest bottleneck in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

For decades, some experts have put forward a series of concepts of Chinese teaching such as “aphorism and posthumous writing”, “Chinese translation”, “crossover of pinyin and Chinese characters”, “teaching of Chinese character parts structure” and so on, all of which are trying to explore An effective way of teaching Chinese characters, but from the teaching point of view, has not yet well meet the needs of the current teaching of Chinese characters

Teaching of Chinese characters must not be neglected. We should constantly sum up some experiences in teaching to communicate with each other and find ways to help students master Chinese characters more quickly.

Recognition and Divergence is a new idea put forward by Chinese teaching in recent years. It believes that in the teaching of Chinese characters, the recognition and writing of Chinese characters should not be regarded as a whole, but should be regarded as different and can be divided into steps Completed mission. It reminds me of an Egyptian who once taught to come to China for four months and never learned Chinese systematically. When we sent a message, he actually used Chinese. I was surprised to ask him how it was so short Of the time mastered a large number of Chinese characters, he told me that is to use the function of people in the vicinity of WeChat constantly chat with friends, completely chatting with Chinese characters, at the beginning he did not understand a bit, but slowly recognize a large number of Chinese characters However, although he knows a lot of Chinese characters, writing these Chinese characters still needs to work hard for him.

In fact, there are deep scientific bases for such wonderful learning methods. From the psychology of memory theory, Chinese characters read and write are two different types of information extraction process, so the degree of effort required is also different. The process of recognizing Chinese characters is basically a kind of recognition and recognition of Chinese characters. The writing of Chinese characters is a process of recalling and reproducing the meaning and meaning of Chinese characters. In general, the former is easier to read than the latter Word may not be able to write, can write the word will be able to read, read is to write the foundation. In general, in combination with the teaching practice of learners in “non-Chinese cultural circles”, we adopt the teaching mode of “recognizing more and less writing in the early stage, recognizing and writing more in the medium term and combining the latter with writing and recognition later.”

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