Mandarin tone what are the characteristics

Mandarin voice has distinct characteristics:

1. Syllable structure is simple, loud voice. Mandarin, a syllable up to only four phonemes, of which pronounced vowels dominant, is an integral part of the general syllable. A few vowels (up to three) can appear consecutively in a syllable, such as f (bad), but there is no complex consonant in Mandarin syllables, ie no English lightning (lightning). Russian Встреца (met) as a few consonants connected together phenomenon.

2. syllables clearly defined, strong rhythm. Chinese syllables are generally composed of consonants, vowels, and tones. The consonants are in front of the consonants, followed by the consonants followed by a tone that runs through the entire syllable, thus having a distinct syllable limit. From the point of view of phoneme analysis, consonants and vowels appear regularly and spaced apart from each other, giving the feeling of getting started again and again, making it very easy to segment the syllables.

3. Tonal cadence, full of music 6 Mandarin tone changes in the level of high and low, high, Yang, turn, drop distinctly, sounds like music sounds as good.

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