Why do foreigners like to learn Chinese?


In the face of China’s “Belt and Road” media interview, Luodianofu, director of the Oriental Department of St. Petersburg State University in Russia, said in a fluent Chinese language: “Our Chinese major here is very popular because of the particularly good employment situation. Parents of students think that learning Chinese well is equivalent to having a ‘iron rice bowl.’ Indeed, as the ‘Chinese fever’ is popular in Russia, Chinese are gaining popularity in the local job market.

The Spanish middle class believes that in the next 30 years China will become a world power and must allow its children to learn Chinese and make Chinese friends.

Learning purpose in order to find a good way out

When talking about why you choose to learn Chinese and come to China to study, most of the students answered surprisingly the same way. They learned pure Chinese, accumulated their learning and practical experience in China, and returned home to find a job easily.

Anna, a French student, said that China plays an important role in the international arena. Employers in Europe attach great importance to people who speak Chinese. The versatile Anna organized and participated in a number of art performances during her study abroad. She hopes she will be involved in performing arts after graduation, and she will do cross-cultural exchange-related work.

Sasha, a Russian student at Beijing Language and Culture University, said: “In Russia, there are so many people who are learning Chinese nowadays and they mainly want to find employment in business and government. In the field of Sinology in Russia, more needs to be done in China People who have studied. ”

David, a former Russian student at Tsinghua University who once became a “net red” in China, regarded himself as a sinologist. Like David, in order to study abroad and enter the local Sinology Research Institute, Sasha after graduating from undergraduate and continue to study master’s degree, specializing in Chinese poetry and literature.

In fact, the most attractive job for foreign students in China is economic and trade. With the gradual development of the “Belt and Road Initiative,” the most important thing for people along the routes is the business opportunities with China.

“I like to work in a trading company and later I want to start my own business as a business facing China,” said Han Mu, an Iranian student. Under the ideal impetus, Han Mu came to study at Beijing University of Technology two years ago and chose Chinese trade major. He said, “In addition to learning Chinese, I have to learn specialized courses such as international trade and marketing. I’d better have an opportunity to practice in a Chinese company and prepare for my future development.”

Talent gap university into a wave

In recent years, the Chinese economy has been developing continuously. At the same time, the Chinese government has actively promoted international exchange and cooperation and invested heavily in the construction of a number of projects in Central Asia, Africa and South America. Large Chinese enterprises such as PetroChina, Huawei, Bank of China, etc. Also have to invest abroad, to achieve cooperation with local enterprises; many companies set up factories abroad, subsidiaries, offices and other agencies. At the same time, more and more Chinese people go abroad for tourism and sightseeing. This has added a huge number of jobs to foreign countries, stimulated the demand of Chinese talents in the local job market and stimulated the enthusiasm of local people to learn Chinese.

In some areas, the enrollment of Confucius Institutes has expanded and expanded. Chinese teachers also showed a shortage of supply. Some private Chinese teaching institutions came into being. In addition to hiring Chinese teachers in China, these institutions also employ local people with a high level of Chinese proficiency and Chinese culture to undertake teaching tasks.

Japanese girl Nagai Keiko had studied in China, after graduation, she worked in a Chinese language teaching institute in Tokyo. The teaching institution comes from China and opened a branch in Tokyo. Keiko Keisuke said: “Now that the cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises is very frequent, the system for sending personnel is getting more and more perfect. Many people have to be sent to work in China and they will choose to attend classes here.” Chinese can give them jobs and lives “Speaking of his own career history, Keiko said frankly that she was able to increase her competitiveness in Chinese. The experience of studying in China also allowed her to gain the trust and attention from her work units.

In a big tourism country such as Thailand, Chinese nationals are also increasingly required to meet Chinese tourists. Local government, airports, hotels and travel agencies are also increasingly requiring Chinese language proficiency. The standard for examining candidates’ Chinese proficiency is the HSK scores and certificates. It is reported that after the completion of the prescribed tourism Chinese course, students of the tourism management major in Thailand must also pass a certain level of HSK examinations before they can obtain the tour guide card inscribed by the government. This phenomenon makes Thai students keen to participate in all kinds of Chinese tests, in addition to HSK, HSKK, BCT and so on, in order to find a good employment after graduation way out, Targeted at the demand-driven job market, more and more foreigners catch up with the bus to learn Chinese. To them, Chinese ability has become a real “stepping stone” for employment.

Under the trend of globalization, multilingual talents play an important role in government cooperation, economy, trade and cultural exchange. For foreigners, Chinese is an important part of this “multilingualism.” However, in addition to improving Chinese proficiency, people also need to focus on developing their professional skills. As Han and Anna did, training themselves in learning and practice will not only meet the needs of their work units but also give full play to themselves The ability and value.

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